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Influence of inorganic salts on biomass production, biochemical composition, and bioethanol production of Populus alba

Seon Jeong Sim (1), Seong Hyeon Yong (2), DongJin Park (3), Eunji Choi (2), Yuwon Seol (2), Hyun Jin Song (3), Mi Jin Jeong (4), Hak Gon Kim (1), Myung Suk Choi (2-5)   

iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry, Volume 13, Issue 6, Pages 566-574 (2020)
doi: https://doi.org/10.3832/ifor3438-013
Published: Dec 07, 2020 - Copyright © 2020 SISEF

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Inorganic salts are very important for the biosynthesis of major components such as cellulose and lignin. In order to investigate biomass production, major components of the biosynthesis of plant cell wall and the bioethanol production of Populus alba, we examined the effect of inorganic salts on in vitro culture systems without specific mineral salts. The medium without H2PO4- was supportive for Populus alba shoot growth, while the absence of NH4+ resulted in poor shoot growth. The medium without H2PO4- and Fe3+ inhibited above-ground biomass production, whereas NH4+ and K+ deprivation led to an enhancement of the same. The root/shoot ratio of Populus alba in the medium without H2PO4- was high compared with plants cultured in the control medium. H2PO4- is deeply involved in lignin biosynthesis, and its removal has been shown to reduce the biosynthesis of lignin. Plants grown on nitrate-free medium were found to be good for enzymatic saccharification and ethanol production. The plants grown in the medium without NO3- showed 72.0% enzyme digestibility, and the yield of ethanol showed 9.58% ethanol productivity after 12 hours. These results can be used as the basis for producing high-quality biomass for future bioethanol production.


Enzymatic Hydrolysis, Fermentation, Inorganic Salts, In vitro Culture, Populus alba

Authors’ address

Seon Jeong Sim
Hak Gon Kim
Forest Research Department, Gyeongsangnam-do Forest Environment Research Institute, Jinju, 52615 (South Korea)
Seong Hyeon Yong 0000-0001-8567-5004
Eunji Choi 0000-0002-6191-686X
Yuwon Seol 0000-0002-6794-3404
Myung Suk Choi 0000-0003-1464-1573
Division of Environmental Forest Science, Gyeongsang National University, Jinju, 52828 (South Korea)
DongJin Park 0000-0002-6089-4064
Hyun Jin Song
Department of Seed and Seedling Management, National Forest Seed Variety Center, Chungju 27495 (South Korea)
Mi Jin Jeong
Plant Conservation Division, Korea National Arboretum of the Korea Forest Service, Pocheon 11186 (South Korea)
Myung Suk Choi 0000-0003-1464-1573
Institute of Agriculture and Life Science, Gyeongsang National University, Jinju, Gyeongnam, 52828 (South Korea)

Corresponding author

Myung Suk Choi


Sim SJ, Yong SH, Park DJ, Choi E, Seol Y, Song HJ, Jeong MJ, Kim HG, Choi MS (2020). Influence of inorganic salts on biomass production, biochemical composition, and bioethanol production of Populus alba. iForest 13: 566-574. - doi: 10.3832/ifor3438-013

Academic Editor

Federica Brunoni

Paper history

Received: Apr 06, 2020
Accepted: Sep 28, 2020

First online: Dec 07, 2020
Publication Date: Dec 31, 2020
Publication Time: 2.33 months

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