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Publishing procedures

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to iForest using the appropriate submission form. Electronic submission will ensure shorter processing time, real-time manuscript tracking and the possibility to follow the whole editorial process by entering authors-restricted pages.

Please read carefully the Instructions for Authors before submission and format the manuscript accordingly. You may also like to read the Publishing Policy of the journal.

Submission of manuscripts for publication on iForest is free-of-charge. Moreover, no articles charge is applied upon publication.

Manuscript Submission

IMPORTANT: To submit a manuscript for publication to iForest, you need to be logged-in to this site as authenticated user, i.e., you need to have an active user account (see below).

The corresponding author takes responsibility for the manuscript during submission and peer review process. Before manuscript uploading, the corresponding author will be asked to declare that:

  • all the authors of the manuscript have read the manuscript and agreed to its content;
  • anyone who has the right to be recognised as author is included in the authorship, and current authors have full property and right to publish the data presented in the submitted manuscript;
  • the materials described in the manuscript will be freely available to any scientist wishing to use them for non-commercial purposes;
  • the manuscript is original, has not already been published in any other journal and is not under consideration by another journal.

The editorial board of iForest retains the right to reject any submitted manuscript (even if already accepted) for which any violation of the above statements will be demonstrated along the peer-review or copy-editing process.

Authors must enclose a cover letter (by fulfilling an appropriate box in the submission form) outlining the novelty and significance of their work, and providing arguments why they believe the submitted paper is relevant for the readership of iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry.

In absence of a convincing information the editorial board may decline publication without any further external review.

Our aim is to provide all authors with an efficient, fast, and constructive editorial process. The ultimate responsibility for the iForest content and editorial decision-making lies with the team of executive editors.

  1. Initial Editorial Evaluation

    Submitted manuscripts will be assigned to one of the executive editors, who will make an initial evaluation of the paper within few working days, aiming to assess the potential suitability of your manuscript for the journal and its conformity to the journal styles.

  2. Subject Editor Assignment

    If the editors feel the manuscript fit within the scope of our journal, they will nominate a Subject Editor (who is usually a member of the Editorial Board or a Guest Editor nominated on purpose), whose task is to assess whether the paper meets the standards to justify review at iForest and to overview the whole peer-review process.

  3. Reviewers Nomination

    Expert reviewers will be asked to assess the technical and scientific merits of the work. We ask that review comments be returned within 3 weeks, granting extensions where necessary to secure the best expert advice. However, reviewers will be solicited by e-mail for their comments and recommendations when overdue. It is responsibility of the subject editor to urge late reviewers, or nominate new referees whenever necessary.

  4. Subject Editor Recommendations

    Once all reviews of a manuscript have been received, the manuscript returns to the subject editors, who evaluate and consider the reviews. Subject editors may suggest acceptance of the manuscript to the executive editors, require minor or major revisions to manuscript before publication, or suggest rejection of unsuitable manuscripts. Authors will receive an e-mail message after this step including the subject editor’s suggestions to the executive editor.

  5. Final Editorial Decision

    The executive editor examines closely the reviewers’ comments and the subject editor recommendation, and finalize a decision on the suitability of the manuscript for publication on iForest. It is discretionary at the executive editor to accept the suggestions provided by the subject editor and referees about the acceptance of the manuscript, or to require further amendements to current version, or even to reject manuscripts considered unfit to publication after the peer-review process. Authors will be alerted about the final decision on the acceptance/rejection of their manuscripts by an appropriate e-mail message.

As far as accepted, the articles will be immediately formatted and published online in the final pdf format, in the chronological order of acceptance, within the "Early View" section. This is a time saving procedure that can be very helpful to authors, particularly in fast-moving disciplines.

All accepted and published articles remain in our databases and archives in perpetuity for worldwide exposure and visibility.

Upon publication, iForest also deposits metadata of all articles into several publicly available databases (e.g., DOAJ, Crossref, etc.) for indexing and covering purposes.

Every two months, papers published in the "Early view" section will be page numerated and collected in a new iForest issue.

Upon submission of an article, its authors are asked to indicate their agreement to transfer the copyright on all the submitted material to the Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology (SISEF). SISEF will retain ownership of the copyright for published articles and their contents, but allows anyone to download, reuse, reprint, distribute, and/or copy articles published in iForest, as long as the original authors and work are cited.


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